Dairy Star February 8 2014 Issue  02/12/14 9:28:03 AM

All American Co-op Dairy Production Specialist Robb Wock can be found in the February 8 2014 issue of the Dairy Star. Robb along with 5 other nutritionists answered questions in an effort to give tips to dairy producers. Questions they all answered include A) What are some of the more common adjustments you've had to make in rations this fall and winter? B) What tips do you have for farmers to get thier cows, heifers, and calves throught the cold spells we've faced? C) What is something relatively new you've been using in rations that's been particularly efficient? D) What is the strangest challenge you ahve encountered as a nutritionist? E) Tell us about the business you work for. Click here to see the complete artilce
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